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Is going to be ok.

There's something about the phrase ''is going to be ok'' when a mom says it to their children. At any age, under any circumstances, it is a hug to the soul. I used to feel safe when my mom was around, even in her golden years when her body became fragile. Her witty mind remained like that till the end. It was her presence, her warmth, the way she would say my name, her love, and her passion even when she scolded me. I never had to tell her anything, she could read it all in my eyes. When my heart or soul would hurt when work or life troubled me, she would say before I share my sorrows: ''Listen ''mija'', no matter what it is, is going to be ok, now tell me...'', and we would go straight to her kitchen while discerning my problems because she also used to say: ''Troubled times with food are lesser''.

Now I continue her legacy as it is my turn to keep my kitchen warm and to tell my own children: ''Listen ''mijo'', no matter what it is, is going to be ok, now tell me...''.

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