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Modern Work Desk

Business Organization & Optimization

Do you know what is the current condition of your systems, processes, checklists and procedures? Do they promote great performance or are they inefficient? When was the last time you evaluated yours and your team's performance?


Real estate agents face daily the challenge of ''too much factor''. I can help you define what is significant for your business and what isn't. Based on your unique business needs I will create a blueprint with easy-to-follow checklists for your tasks.

Work Desk

Training & Talent Retention

Who is a part of your administrative team right now? Do you have a high turnover rate? Do you know what drives and motivates people in your team?


Your most valuable assets are the people on your team. By providing training and the right tools to your listing managers, transaction coordinators and real estate assistants they will be able to fulfill their roles more efficiently. It will help them achieve their fullest potential resulting in a healthier work environment, and a better experience for you and your clients. 

Work Desk

Talent Recruitment

Are you ready to grow your business by adding new and talented people to your administrative team? Can you focus on your business if you need to hire and train someone yourself, whether it's a new hire or somebody already on our team?


It is a defining moment when you decide to hire new people. I will help you by hiring dynamic people to fulfill administrative roles. I can create or update the type of role, job description and duties for new or existing hires.

Contact me today for a complimentary consultation. All services are tailored to client's needs.

Agent's & Staff Reviews

We want to thank Claudia again for providing excellent services for our team in the hiring process of our new assistant. The quality and talent of the candidates exceeded our expectations. The process was laid out up front and we were able to make a solid decision by the time interviews were done with our team. The upfront weeding out of people and questions, and answered question provided helped guide each interview to find the right person who fit out team culture. Thank you again!

CH. John L Scott

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